PreMaster CD
for Mac

Host-based premastering application.

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PreMaster CD Description

Editor: PreMaster CD is a host-based premastering application that opens AIFF, WAV, BWF and SD2 stereo files. It edits, sequences and provides essential PQ support while costing one third less than our more full featured product, soundBlade. Yet, it shares the same engine that all our products use, for the best fidelity bar none.

Key Features:

• Professional Premastering
• Instant PQ Generation
• Dual Mode SOT & EOT Creation
• CD Text Support
• Real Time Multimode Editing
• Advanced, Smart Fade Tool
• Real Time Multimode Gain Adjustment
• 10x CD-R Burn and DDP Delivery
• 10x Freeze/Render to Disk
• Sample Rate Conversion to 44K
• Proprietary TPDF and MBit+ Redithering
• Core Audio I/O, including Pro Tools
• Optional NoNOISE FixIt ™
• Optional Manual DeClick II ™
• Optional nexStage DSD Converter ™
• Optional DDP File Open
Saves to DCA’s DDP, the Disc Description Protocol format specifically for replication
• Fast, easy editing with advanced Smart Fade Tool™
• Breakpoint-based gain adjustment tool helps even out track–to–track amplitude
• Opens AIFF, WAV, BWF & SD2 44.1 kHz interleaved files at 16 to 24 bits
• Provides essential PQ editing, including UPC/EAN and ISRC
• Background Sample Rate Conversion to 44K
• Automatically generates & validates PQ subcodes in real time
• Automatically creates CD Text for DDP and for CD
• Creates CD-DA–formatted Orange Book “audio” CD-Rs in the background
• CD-R “check discs” support CD Text including album title & artist, track name & artist
• Automatically creates track name & artist from Project metadata
• Re–sequencing CD Tracks is just drag & drop
• Saves version 2-compliant DDP image file sets
• Navigate with convenient Mark Info pop–Up
• Tape transport–like direct Transport Controls
• Keep track of your noise floor with premastering–optimized meters
• Produces industry standard Sonic Studio PQ log files for your duplication house
• No additional hardware required-plays back through Core Audio

PreMaster CD Screenshots

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What's New in PreMaster CD 3.3.3260

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PreMaster CD Requirements

Operating Systems:

Mac OS X

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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